Our History

Chartered in 1919, SMCA has fostered, protected, and promoted the welfare and interests of sheet metal contractors in the Philadelphia area for over 100 years. Recognizing that cooperation among contractors is vital to maintain order in the construction industry and promote good business practices, SMCA has provided over a century of service to its members and the union sheet metal industry.
SMCA has been affiliated with the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) since that organization was founded in 1948.  It has also been a member of SMACNA of Pennsylvania since the statewide association was founded in 1970.  SMCA has continuously participated in programs, conferences, and conventions at the state and national levels to work with industry allies.
For decades, SMCA has engaged in industry advancement programs that promote high quality standards of sheet metal construction, establish practices for the improvement of the industry, and promote fair competition. Through legislative advocacy, business and technical education, and public relations, SMCA continues its longstanding goal of bettering the union sheet metal industry in the Philadelphia area.